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Swift Framework Plugin



Completely overhauled the Swift Page Builder, now much slicker, quicker and easier to use!

If you have any issues with the new builder, please log a support topic related to your specific theme at http://swiftideas.com/support

NOTE: For all further changelogs, please see the Swift Framework page included in your WordPress admin.


Added support for PHP7
Added Animated Headline page builder asset
Added ordering options for Directory page builder asset
Updated Redux framework
Fixed compatibility issue with Visual Composer
Fixed WPML duplication issue with Swift Slider


Minor fixes


Temporary fix for image caption, reverted to a textfield input until html input is resolved


Fixed progress bar styling
Fixed stroke-to-fill button styling
Fixed issue with page builder options not showing when certain requirements were met
Fixed bootstrap conflict
Fixed issue with image caption formatting
Removed unecessary admin script from loading


Updated Redux framework


Team gallery display images are now clickable on mobile
Updated minified files after previous update
Updated Redux framework


Slide video now only starts playing when the slider is in the viewport
Image caption field now supports HTML (line breaks etc)
Updated Redux framework


Added loop on/off option to Row background video
Videos set not to loop now won’t restart when scrolled into view
Fixed row/column layout issues
Fixed issue with social output
Fixed issue with page builder not loading when on the s”Text” content tab
Fixed background position align of Swift Slider


Disabled options developer mode
Multi-layer parallax display fixes
Updated language files


Added options panel for all framework related options
Added background image horizontal alignment and size options to Swift Slider slides
Fixed further issues with intro animations
Fixed issue with campaign category display


Consolidated Page Builder asset css
Added option to add full slide link to Swift Slider slides
Fixed issue with translation files being named incorrectly
Fixed page builder controls not being accessible on touch devices
Fixed issue with map asset display type select
Minor improvements to SPB drag & drop


Added “Title” field to Go Pricing asset
Added Carousel & Column Count options to “Standard Row” Recent Posts display type
Added 1 column option to Products asset
Updated noUISlider plugin script
Fixed issue with column padding
Fixed issue with swift slider parallax causing items to not be clickable in the main content


Swift Slider pagination now shows permanently on mobile
Improved controls display on 1/6 column elements
Fixed issue where captions could not be disabled on gallery asset masonry display
Fixed issue with Swift Slider on boxed layout modes
Fixed issue with map controls not disabling/enabling
Fixed issue with Swift Slider parallax on mobile


Greatly improved Page Builder save page speed
Improved theme compatibility
Fixed issue with Swift Slider background vertical alignment


Fixed comaptibility issues with Visual Composer
Fixed issue with Swift Slider curtain not allowing scroll down


Added fixes for potential missing function errors
Portfolio post type now supports revisions


Added language files
Fixed issue where image option wouldn’t show when using Video for a Row
Added option to set a custom image height in the Team asset


Initial release