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    June 27, 2017 at 11:43 pm #330285

    Hey all,

    We wanted to give you all a heads up before we proceed with anything here, as obviously it affects all of you as well as us!

    We've known for quite a while now that we'd likely outgrow the ability to provide the highest level of support which we promise to each of you when you purchase with us. Whilst bbPress has given us a great platform to provide transparent support topics to all our customers, after 40000 topics, we think that it's now holding us back. Not only is it a major performance hog on our servers, it's also meant that we have slipped away from providing the high level turnaround times and "outstanding" label that we strive to achieve on a daily basis.

    Nothing frustrates us more than knowing even one of you is unhappy or feeling neglected on a support topic, and while we aren't super-humans, knowing that this does happen (even occasionally) is enough for us to know that something needs to change.

    The only "pro" we can really think of when it comes to our current setup, is that all the topics are visible and searchable, and that any number of customers can comment on any one topic. While this may seem like a big "pro" to some, we feel that being able to get back to providing the "outstanding" support we promise, whilst also building a killer FAQ/Documentation area, that this will quickly be forgotten.

    Now this is something we want to put into motion as soon as we can, likely opting for a simple form/email solution. This will act like a normal email conversation on your side, but will be fully managed on our end to allow us to assign, prioritise, and 100% keep on top of all of your support queries. Before we do make the change, we want to ask you all if you have any concerns or questions that you'd like to communicate with us.

    We look forward to hearing your thoughts, and more importantly, bringing you back to the high level of support we believe you deserve very soon.


    The Swift Ideas Team

    P.S. Any change we make will leave the current support forum fully accessible, with new topic functionality being locked, and all existing topics remaining for people to search as they wish.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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